Upcoming Projects

I'm always looking for models and artists to collaborate with.
So, if you like my works and point of view, do not hesitate to ask me about my new ideas and upcoming projects in different genres:

  • 'Musée' - fine art & fashion - CLOSED 
  • 'Lemonade' - beauty - APPLY NOW (June 2019)
  • 'Ocean in Me' - fine art - CLOSED
  • 'Transmogrification' - documentary & artistic portraiture - 2020

  • Your project?

Musée  - April/May 2019


where fine art, fashion and beauty are held together by photography.

Fashion & Beauty series of photos with high-end editorial retouching inspired by history of art, masterpieces from ancient Egypt till modern Australian contemporary art, that aline with fashion and beauty trends.

The project is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items of Australian designers along with professional hair and makeup artists’ beauty looks.

For independent magazines and/or exhibition and portfolio.

March-April 2019
Monday - Friday from 10am to 2pm


List of looks:
1. Bust of Nefertiti; 2. Sculpture of Hera; 3. Medieval period (religion in European Art); 4. Gothic in Architecture; 5. The Birth of Venus (Boticcelli); 6. Primavera (Boticcelli); 7. Mona Lisa (da Vinci); 8. Boy with a Basket of Fruit (Caravaggio); 9. Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria (Rubens); 10. Child Dancing with Chrysanthemum Branch (Shunsho); 11. Still life (Cotan); 12. Ophelia (Millais); 13. Adele Bloch-Bauer I(Klimt); 14. Yellow, Red, Blue (Kandinsky); 15. Girl before a Mirror (Picasso); 16. Frida (Kahlo); 17. Woman with a Head of Roses (Dali); 18. Rebecca Rajkovski

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