the Drought

‘The drought’ is a symbolic fine art series of photos about climate change.

August 2018.

The drought.
Real 'black line' and tough times for Australian farmers. Scientific analysis of Australia's drought extremes has shown the current crisis is likely to be the worst in 400 years.

January 2020

Since the start of the 2019 fire season, a staggering more than 6 million hectares have been burned, with all states and territories impacted except the ACT.

According to NSW RFS, so far this season 1,687 homes have destroyed & more than 21,000 buildings saved. Since 1 Jan, 771 homes lost. This figure is likely to increase. The huge toll on Australia's wildlife from the bushfires continues to grow with an ecologist now estimating more than one billion creatures may have died.

‘The drought’ is a symbolic fine art series of photos about climate change created with a real red soil and clay taken in Australia Outback in 2018 to express the mood of harshness but still in a beautiful way.

Aerial photos were taken from plane.

Photo of the Year 2018

Portfolio The Drought, has received a Top 30 award in the Photo of the Year category in Photographer of the Year 2018 presented by Australian Photography Magazine and Panasonic.

The 2018 competition was the largest in six years of running Photographer of the Year, so to be recognised at this level is a significant achievement.

Photographer of the Year 2018 was judged by a panel of leading professional photographersand industry experts including: Alex Cearns, Douwe Dijkstra, Keren Dobia, Lisa Michelle Burns,Drew Hopper, Richard I’Anson, Rohan Kelly, Petra Leary, Anthony McKee, Nick Rains,Tanya Stollznow, Ann Toon, Steve Toon, Jacques van As, Helen Whittle and Shannon Wild. 

As an artist, I believe there is something I must do - to reflect and take an action to help and make an impact.

These bushfires and the consequences show that now is the exact time that we need to be talking about climate change in Australia.

If now is not the time to talk about climate change, when is?
Moreover, it is time to take actions.

What can you do to help?

Find out more how you can help here
Find out more how you can help here
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