2020 Special for ladies

3 Steps to Achieving Total Self-Love

Stop for a while and look in the mirror.

Can you honestly answer yourself to these questions:

How do I love myself as a woman?
Do I dare to put myself first?

we are here to empower you

to put yourself first

Step 1 -
All About You

Let's get to know each other!
We'll meet and talk about you over a cup of coffee. Here we'll discuss how you feel about yourself, what are your dreams and expectations.

This is a first step to go through all of the details to prepare ourselves for the photoshoot.

Step 2 -
Your Makeover

We will create your new look in collaboration with hairstylist, makeup artist and fashion designer to embrace your inner beauty and reveal your true feminine vibe.
All you need is to trust our team, relax and enjoy your transformation regarding our moodboard created especially for you.

Step 3 -
Fun Time

This is the fun part where the best things happen!
Enjoy the process of putting every piece of a puzzle into your portrait photoshoot in the studio or on location.
You will receive your 6 best shots with high-end editorial retouch and 1 ready-to-hang print on your choice.

celebrate yourself now

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